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Advertise your Antique or Contemporary Arts & Crafts Products and Services

We offer Arts & Crafts businesses advertising opportunities on GustavStickley.com and on our contemporary Arts & Crafts website, the Mission Style Furniture Gallery. Currently, these two websites have over 26,000 visitors per month and our traffic continues to grow.

We have recently made changes to our websites to accommodate your "print" ads. Current print publication advertisers can now place graphic ads, of the following print publication sizes, on the two websites. Reach a whole new group of customers by advertising on the Internet.

All ads run for a full 12 months (yes, these prices are for a whole year of advertising!) and are priced as follows:

Ad SizeGustavStickley.com    MissionEraFurniture.com   Both Websites*
1/4 page   $795   $395   $995
1/6 page   $595   $295   $795
1/10 page   $395   $195   $495

*this price includes a significant discount for being on both websites.

Each ad will have a link through to your website. Depending on ad size and placement, you can expect 100 to 200 click-throughs of qualified Arts & Crafts collectors and visitors to your website each month in addition to your ad being viewed tens of thousands of times each month on my websites.

Thanks you for your interest,

Pete Maloney


Pete Maloney

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